Tips on maximizing Your Siggraph Experience

Too much to see at Siggraph in so little time…sounds familiar? If you are attending Siggraph this year you have only 5 days or less to see it all! Below are tips to help you get the most out of Siggraph!

1) Define your objective. Whether it is to purchase a new product/service, keep abreast of the industry, look for a job, or just to participate, define your objective first.

2) Gather information at least one week before the show. Gather a list of exhibitors, technical presentations, and workshops you would like to attend based on your objectives (e.g. based on the needs of current & future projects, areas of interest/specialization).

3) Plan your schedule. Now you can start filling in your schedule with the most important presentations, workshops, and visits to exhibitor’s booth that you gathered above.

· Fill about 80% of your schedule with the activities that help you achieve your objectives.

· Leave some time to network with key people after presentations and workshops.

· Schedule the remaining time to attend a presentation or visit an exhibitor with a product or service that is not related to your field but is of particular interest to you.

4) Schedule leisure time to see some sites of interest in beautiful San Diego


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