Tips on Developing 3D Projects Faster

Today, to develop your 3d projects faster and on budget get involved early and visibly in the development, give your project team the authority and support that they need, and pay attention to the right things.

Get involved early.  You will get far more leverage on your time when you get involved early in the development process. You will be better able to influence the direction and the outcome much easier than trying to make changes later.

Delegate authority early so you can get faster decision making.  Set a clear goal at the beginning, so you can then step out of the way and let your team make faster decisions, and take responsibility for the finished 3D project.

Make sure everyone knows why faster development is important.  Make the link between speed and profit clear. Also show this urgency through your actions and decisions, when the team needs a decision from you, don’t sit on that decision!

Give your team some face time. Your presence and constant communication will send strong and positive signals to the team. You don’t need to spend too much time, what is important is the frequency. This will allow you to be informed about the progress and detect problems when they are small and easy to solve.

If you are looking for custom 3D projects, contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs. At Flat Pyramid we have highly qualified artists that can deliver high quality custom work such as 3d model for your next project.


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