Top five Tips for Custom 3D Modeling Services

As you begin your Custom 3D Model procurement process, save time and money, in both the short- and long-term, with these tips.

Obtain early involvement from individuals across your organization – Include representation from all the affected parts of your organization – marketing, finance, management, and individuals outside your organization, such as your clients. They will bring a different perspective during the process and once the 3D job is delivered they will accept it and implement it faster.

Identify the reasons for seeking custom 3D modeling services – When evaluating and selecting a vendor to fulfill your custom 3D modeling request, compromises will need to be made. Sharing your primary reasons with vendors will allow them to provide you with proposals that address your needs and ultimately a finished 3D model that meets your objectives. Communicate these primary reasons to your vendors using documents such as a request for proposal, RFP or request for information, RFI.

Be clear about your evaluation criteria – Determine the criteria & method for evaluating proposals and the finished 3D models. This will provide you some framework for the format of your RFP/RFI. Also, don’t change your mind about the criteria unless it is absolutely necessary because this can compromise the whole custom 3D model project.

Set a calendar of activities to evaluate the 3D model and adhere to it – Agree to a regular meeting schedule. Work with vendors in advance to set a schedule to review the draft of the rendered images of the 3D model. This will gain commitment from your staff being available and for making decisions in a timely manner when the sample rendered images are provided by the vendor.

Involve key evaluators in all aspects of the selection – Partial participation of key evaluators during demonstrations and reviewing of proposals can delay and invalidate the final custom 3D model.

Remember, you can always purchase ready-made 3D models and other related 3D products from Flat Pyramid’s 3D Library at a fraction of the cost of custom 3D modeling services. However, if you are looking for custom 3D model work send us your 3D model request and we will discuss with you how we can meet your needs. At Flat Pyramid, we have highly qualified artists and an effective project management process that can deliver high quality custom work for your next project.


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