Why use a 3D Model Marketplace?

Creating 3D models can be an expensive and time consuming process. Knowledge, patience, and skill are required for each phase of the 3D model composition, from creating the mesh to applying the textures. Additionally, adding details and rendering and/or rigging and animation, to make your 3D project look the way you want, requires a significant amount of work and talent. Add to all of this – the deadlines.

So for a head start, try downloading 3D models, textures, mocap files, game content and more from a 3D model & content resource center and 3D marketplace service like Flat Pyramid. These services can save you time, so you have the time to explore your creative possibilities – spend more time being creative!

Many 3D model websites also offer custom modeling services. At Flat Pyramid, we have top quality 3D modelers in-house and from all over the world that can assist you with creating your 3D models. Using the latest digitizing technology and 3D modeling software, we can create your 3D model from sketched drawings, detailed specifications or images of any real world object. We can also assist you with non-existing objects (inventions and patents). Contact us today for a free consultation.

Sell your 3D Content at Flat Pyramid – You can also sell your 3D content on Flat Pyramid and earn royalties on all sold 3D content. It is easy, create a free Seller account today, upload and publish your 3D models, 3D tutorials, Textures, 3D plugins, etc. Join hundreds of other 3D sellers on Flat Pyramid 3D Marketplace who are already generating significant revenue from selling their existing 3D models and 3D content.


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