Arab town – War scenario 3d Models

Arab town - war scenario

Arab town - war scenario

Above is an example of an Arab town war scenario, a complex 3D low-poly model collection for game engines (Game-Ready).

It has a very high detailed Middle East Arab Town set. Ready to render as preview thumbnails. This set has High-res texture interior and exterior details, so you can also use them for static renders. Low poly Arab town set, includes: Houses, stores, street elements (like Arab traffic signs, barriers, debris.), telephone, light and transformer poles, generator module and telephone boxes, ruined vehicles, ruined or derelict house, cart, dirty cars, middle east taxi, pickup, fountains, walls with different gates, palm trees, dumpster container, air condition, water tower, water tanks, billboards etc…

Also included are M1 Abrams Desert Scheme, M1 Abrams Woodland Scheme, Humvee Woodland Scheme, M2 Bradley Desert Scheme, UH1N Marines, UH60, UH60 with Translucent Rotor Disk,  Armored Truck1, Armored Truck2, US Soldier-Model rigged(biped and skin) and rebel pickup.

For example, the polygon counts are:
House polygon counts about: 500 to 900
Car polygon counts about: 1500 to 2500
Trees polygon counts about: 400 to 600
US Soldier polygon counts:4406
Military vehicles polygon counts about:2500 to 4500

Street and road terrain model has: 2048×2048 texture map. Wall models has: 2048×2048 texture map. Remaining models have: 1024×1024 texture maps. The collection contains the included vehicles in random positions spread throughout the whole scene. You can also get the vehicles as separate files (placed in the scene center at XYZ=000) by request so you can easily set individual positions as needed.”

This is just an example of stock 3d models available, to buy visit 3D Architecture Structures.


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