Wild Pack

Wild Pack

Wild Pack

Product ID: 9341

Media Type: 3D Model

Geometry:    Polygonal
Materials:    True
Textures:    True
Animated:    False
Jointed:    False

Available formats: fbx 139.21 MB (ver:fbx), maya 14.35 MB (ver:8.5), obj 77.19 MB (ver:obj), tga 109.60 MB (ver:tga), maya 114.44 MB (ver:mamb), maya 68.27 MB (ver:mamb), maya 81.10 MB (ver:mamb), maya 58.85 MB (ver:mamb)

10 High Detailed Animals which includes:
1.  African Wild Dog ID8535

2.  Alligator ID686

3. Cheetah ID8604

4. African Elephant ID1610

5. Giraffe ID5942

6. Hippopotamus ID2362

7. Lion ID8812

8. White Rhinoceros ID5606

9. Tiger ID7815

10. Zebra ID6354

These models are also sold separately, you may go to http://flatpyramid.com/3d-3d_models-animals-reptiles-wild-pack-p9341.html for the product page and other related 3d models.


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