Military vehicles x20 3D models

Military vehicles 3d model

Military vehicles 3d model

This is a collection of 20 highly detail and low-impact military ground vehicles 3d models such as  tanks, APC, IFV, Trucks, Arty, SAMs etc. Each vehicle 3d model has approximately 1000-2000 polygons and 1 to 3 bmp textures in power of two resolutions. Weapons and turrets are in logical groupings.

This collection of military vehicle 3d models includes M1A1 Main Battle Tank, LAV25 APC,  AAV7 USMC Amphib Assault Vehicle,  M1025 Weapons Carrier HMMWV (Humvee), Leopard2A5 Main Battle Tank,  T62 Main Battle Tank (MBT), PatriaSISU 8×8 AMV APC,  2S9 Nona-S self propelled mortar vehicle, IVECO 4×4 Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV), BMD-2 air-portable APC, 9P149 AT-6 Shturm ATGM launcher vehicle,  M1038 Tanker Vehicle, M1126 Stryker IFV, M1128 Stryker Mobile, Gun System (MGS),  M1083 6×6 Truck, MEADS SAM, Patriot M901, SAM Launcher, SCUB-B TEL SSBM, Ozelot Stinger SAM Vehicle and MTVR Heavy Military Transporter.


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