Armored Vehicle Set models

US Army armored vehicle set

US Army armored vehicle set

Product ID: 8551

Media Type: 3D Model
Geometry:    Polygonal
Materials:    True
Textures:    True
Animated:    False
Jointed:    False

Available formats:  3ds 0.37 MB, Open Flight (Flt) 0.72 MB, lwo 1.07 MB (ver:6), max 0.90 MB (ver:6), maya 1.33 MB (ver:7), obj 0.68 MB, Texture 28.46 MB (ver:Textures), xsi 0.86 MB

US Army -6 Armored Vehicle- Set. Lowpoly model collection with inside and cabin details for game engine(Game-Ready). included 6 Armored US military vehicles :
1-Humvee-Desert Scheme (4184 Polygon)
2-M2 Bradley,Desert scheme (2517 Polygon)
3-M1 Abrams,Desert scheme (4301 Polygon)
4-M1 Abrams,Woodland scheme (4337 Polygon)
5-APC Truck (5084 Polygon)
6-APC T-REX (5982 Polygon)

All models have many detailsInstrument panel like steering wheel, seats, opening doors,sliding hatch. You can use this set of models also for static renders. The APC Truck, APC-TREX and Humwee have high-res texture interior details. Detailed surfacing for extreme close ups. Each model have own 2048×2048 texture maps.

You may go to for the product page and other related 3d models.


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