Package of Iris Textures

Package of Iris Textures

Package of Iris Textures

Product ID: 11913

Media Type: Texture

Texture Type:
Size (Pixels W x H):    800×800
Alpha Channel:    False
Specular Map:    False

Available format: jpeg 41.06 MB

Package of 12 iris Textures includes:

-Dark Blue Iris Texture..jpg 435 KB .png 746 KB and 2.00 MB
-Light Blue Iris Texture. .jpg 447 KB .png 787 KB and 2.08 MB

-Dark Brown Iris Texture. .jpg 538 KB .png 767 KB and 1.97 MB
-Light Brown Iris Texture..jpg 539 KB .png 856 KB and 2.30 MB

-Dark Green Iris Texture. .jpg 454 KB .png 548 KB and 1.60 MB
-Light Green Iris Texture..jpg 538 KB .png 859 KB and 2.29 MB

-Dark Grey Iris Texture. .jpg 343 KB .png 732 KB and 2.22 MB
-Light Grey Iris Texture. .jpg385 KB.png 859 KB and 2.29 MB

-Red Iris Texture..jpg 403 KB .png 640 KB and 1.88 MB
-Purple Iris Texture. .jpg 487 KB .png 737 KB and 2.04 MB

-Bio Green Iris Texture..jpg 467 KB .png 714 KB and 1.91 MB
-Bio Orange Iris Texture. .jpg 508 KB .png 347 KB and 904 KB

You may go to for the product page and other related textures.


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