Staying Efficient and Competitive in Today’s Economy

With today’s economic crisis hurting businesses across all industries, the need to be efficient and competitive is more important than ever. Below find some tips to keep you competitive while delivering top results for your clients.

Combine In-house & Outside Expertise

To offer your clients high levels of expertise you will not only need your core staff but you might also need outside 3D artists to supplement your expertise. Specifically, when it comes to 3D modeling services, it is nearly impossible for any organization to employ enough multi-talented and skilled individuals to handle all of its 3D project needs internally.

3D Model of a Clown

3D Model Character Clown

Bringing outside expertise and skilled talent, such as Flat Pyramid’s 3d modeling and customization services, gives you leverage because you are able to utilize top talent at competitive costs, saving you both time and money.

Offer flexibility

Offer your client options that can help their bottom line. Flexibility does not necessarily mean that you have to cut down your prices. For example, offering your clients the option to charge them by the 3d model instead of charging them per hour offers your clients flexibility. With this option, you can put your clients at ease because they know what the final cost of the 3d model will be right upfront. Offering them a shorter timeline to complete the 3D model can also provide them flexibility

Be willing to adapt to service your client needs

If you find that the demand for your services has gone down…keep in mind that there is always someone who needs your expertise and service. Even in tough economic conditions, there will always be industries that will need to visualize and/or communicate ideas effectively. However, what you may need to do is adapt to offer additional 3D services or target other industries.

In these times there will be industries that will grow and prosper precisely because of the economic conditions. However, keep in mind that getting your team to adapt could be a challenge, but ultimately it will be worth the effort.


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