Eliminate Gorilla and Chimp Attacks by using 3D Models

Wild animals often star in movies and commercials and it may appear to the general public as if a real animal was used in such productions. However, when looking to use wild animals in film and television production, such as gorillas and chimpanzees, studios use very realistic 3d models of animals. Using a 3d model  eliminates potential attacks on humans,  such as the unfortunate chimpanzee attack this week in Stamford, Connecticut.Gorilla Chimpanzee 3d model

3D models are created by skilled 3D computer graphic artists and manipulated using powerful computer software, 3D plugins, and scripts. Therefore, the real wild animal does not need to be present to star in the film or commercial. Thus,  eliminating the expenses and risks involved with staging and directing wild animals, such as chimpanzee attacks on humans.

Using a 3d model also allows the animal character to do more than a real animal, such as  being able to talk and perform like humans.

Gorilla or Chimpanzee 3d models can be used in films and commercials as well as animations, games, visualizations, etc.


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