Featured 3d Model Collections

3D Model Collections bundle high quality 3d models of a specific theme or subject together. This allows you to get more 3d models at a lower price allowing you to pass discounts to your clients and win more 3d projects. Check out featured 3d model collections below.

Featured 3D Model Collections



High detail low-impact arab male 3d model collection in traditional dress.

Human Type Character 3d model collection

3D Model Characters CollectionsThe 3d characters collection includes human and animal type of characters, robots, monsters, creatures, and alien 3d model characters, available in 3ds, fbx, lwo, max, maya, obj, xsi, and DirectX. Selected 3d models in this category are rigged, animated, and/or ready to use in game engines.

building house town city residential collection architecture 3d model buildings

3d model of architecture buildings

3D Model Architecture CollectionsArchitecture collections include scenes, structures, objects, and cityscapes; such as buildings, city and office scenes, selected interiors, lobbies, living spaces, commercial structures, monuments, etc., available in multiple file formats.

3d model of industrial truck and other vehicles for construction and heavy duty

3d model of industrial vehicles trucks

Industrial Vehicles 3D Model CollectionsThe industrial vehicles 3d model collections include tractors, forklifts, cranes, snowcat, wheel loaders, dump trucks, and many more construction and industrial vehicles, all available in a variety of file formats including 3ds, lwo, max, maya, obj, and xsi.

3d models of Home and Office furniture

3d models of Home and Office furniture

3D Model Furniture CollectionsThe furniture 3d models collections include home and office furniture, cookware and tableware, and appliances available in 3ds, max, maya, blender, fbx, lwo, xsi, obj, and other popular file formats.

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