Uses of Helicopter 3D Models

3D Model of Hospital with Air Ambulance Helicopter and Platform

3D Model of Hospital with Air Ambulance Helicopter and Platform

Helicopters have many advantages over other types of aircraft which include their ability to takeoff and land vertically, they can hover for significant periods of time, and have unique handling properties under relatively low airspeed. This makes helicopters very versatile and widely used for many applications.

Helicopter 3d models are used to represent modern and historic helicopters in action performing critical military missions, emergency tasks, everyday transport, and occasional recreational tasks.

Helicopters are used across many industries including the military, firefighting, law enforcement, construction, search and rescue, broadcast, aerial & motion picture photography, news gathering, tourism, transportation, etc.

Helicopter 3d models are used across this wide range of industries for architectural visualizations, military training and tactical simulation, firefighting simulation and analysis, marketing materials and other print media, video game creation, motion picture films and special effects, and anywhere the use of an actual helicopter instead of a 3d model would be cumbersome or too expensive.

Below find some popular helicopter 3d models and their typical uses.

Firefighting Helicopter 3D model with Tank

Firefighting Helicopter 3D model with Tank

Search and Rescue Helicopters

Search and rescue helicopter are used for emergency medical assistance when when an ambulance cannot easily or quickly reach the scene. They are also used when patients needs to be airlifted to and between medical facilities. Air ambulance helicopters or MEDEVACs are equipped to provide medical treatment to a patient while in flight.

Firefighting Helicopters

Helicopters are also used to combat wildland fires. These helicopters are often called Helitacks. Helitacks carry water to perform water bombing onto the fire. They are typically equipped with tanks or helibuckets are filled by submerging the bucket into nearby rivers, lakes, water reservoirs, or portable tanks. Helitack helicopters are also used to transport and provide supplies to firefighters located on inaccessible areas.

MI-8 Transport Helicopter Hip 3d model

MI-8 Transport Helicopter Hip 3d model

Law Enforcement Helicopters

When law enforcement agencies pursue suspects, they often use helicopters because they provide unique aerial views in urban and suburban environments. Law Enforcement helicopters are equipped with lighting and infrared or heat-sensing equipment for night pursuits. They are used in conjunction with police forces on the ground to pursue suspects.

Military Helicopters

Military helicopters are used mainly for attack and for transport. Attack helicopters are equipped with artillery such as missile launchers and miniguns which are used to attack ground targets. Transport helicopters are used to carry troops and supplies when transport via typical military cargo is not possible. Military helicopters are also equipped with dipping sonar for anti-submarine warfare.

Bell 214 ST Transport Helicopter 3D Model

Bell 214 ST Transport Helicopter 3D Model

Military helicopter 3d models are very popular to use in games, training simulations, historical and modern animations.

Commercial Helicopters

Commercial helicopters are mainly used for transport. They provide many advantages over other vehicles such as ships and other vessels. For example, oil companies charter helicopters to move workers and parts quickly to remote drilling sites located out to sea. In such cases helicopters provide speed over boat or vessel.

Construction Helicopters

Helicopter that are used in construction to carry loads are called skycranes. The heavy loads carried by skycranes are connected to long cables. Construction helicopter 3d models are used in product visualizions so that the engineers and designers of the helicoter can identify/correct design changes before going into full production.

3D Model of an Eurocopter

3D Model of an Eurocopter

Construction helicopters are also used to place heavy equipment on the tops of tall buildings, or when an item must be raised or transported to a very remote area, such as a radio tower raised on the top of a hill or mountain.

See more stock and customized helicopter 3d models, including a FREE helicopter 3d model.


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