Tips for Managing and Empowering 3D Teams

Toyota Prius 2010 3d model vehicle car
Toyota Prius 2010 3d model vehicle car

Exceptional results are achieved when your 3D team can work together and have a clear understanding of your client needs. In order to work or collaborate across different disciplines, you need to actively manage and empower your team. Every individual on your team has a unique personality and skill set and what works for a 3D artist might not work for a 3D software engineer.

Teams that specialize in 3D computer graphic animations, architectural visualizations, and special effects have a wide set of skills that come from team members across several departments complemented with outside expertise and 3d model computer graphics.

These teams can include 3D modelers, rigging designers, motion capture, animators, texture & scenery designers, storyboard artists, software engineers, technical designers, etc.

3D studios that specialize in 3d animation, special effects and architectural visualization, need multi-disciplinary teams because no one individual has all the answers or all the skills that are needed.

JellyFish 3d model
JellyFish 3d model

Managing these types of creative teams with different personalities and skill sets can be very challenging. For example, 3D artists and animators often work with software engineers that specialize in developing applications for 3D modeling, rendering, animation, and special effects software. Their personalities and skill sets are very different.

3D animators have excellent storytelling and computer animation skills while software engineers can effectively develop, implement, test, and support the 3D software.

The key to managing your 3D team is to empower them to become a high-performing team that can work together to win. In order to do this start by empowering each individual in your team.


A sports coach helps each player become the best team player, so that they can develop and use their talents together as a team and win the game. An 3D manager can also empower the team to win and meet the objective. There are many ways that a 3D manager can empower their team including fostering trust, open communication, building pride, etc.

Every individual on your team is unique and what works for a 3D artist might not work for a 3D software engineer. You know that your have empowered your team when they are truly convinced that whatever they have set out (as a team) will work. This empowerment creates excitement and unleashes your team’s creativity.

3D Model of transformer robot bumble bee
3D Model of transformer robot bumble bee


Give your team the overall direction and stay back! Take the role of a coach rather than micro-manager. Guide your team to find the answers and make the best decision. Ask for proof or clarification of without telling your team what to do. This will allow your team will collaborate with each other across disciplines and each team member will bring their own expertise to the table.

Remember, criticism without a specific purpose or direction is not productive for your team.


Movie directors and producers actively manage the film production process which very often requires many changes along the way. They work with actors, cameramen, set, costume designers, special effect designers, and film editors to produce the final cut of the movie.

Your 3D team must also be ready to embrace and adapt to changes, such as getting outside tools and expertise, such as custom 3d modeling and rendering services that can customize 3d models and save time and money.

Change is an inevitable part of the process, especially when you are part of a multi-disciplinary team. Team members with very different skill sets, such as the 3D artists and 3D software engineers must learn how to work and collaborate together and be open to changing direction.

Managing creative teams, such as a teams that create 3D animations, architectural visualizations, and special effects, is similar to managing sports and entertainment teams, everyone must work together to win. 5gsyvbznp3


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