Oil Refinery Industrial 3D Models

Mega Oil Gas Refinery 3D Model highly detailed

Mega Oil Gas Refinery 3D Model highly detailed industrial structure

Industrial Oil refinery 3d models are used to represent large industrial complexes specialize in processing and refining oil into more useful petroleum products. Oil refinery 3d models are often used to visualize refineries before they are built or when planning for construction and/or remodeling. Oil refineries have extensive piping running throughout it grounds. These pipes transport the fluids and by-products to their large chemical processing units.

An oil refinery processes crude oil and  then refines into petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, asphalt base, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas.

Refinery 3d models are typically used in scenes to represent these large industrial structures. The entire refinery can comprise of several structure or units.

Each section or portion of the refinery performs a specific function including the actual processing  of distillates (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, lubrication oils, asphalt etc), processing of steam and cooling water, power generation, transport, etc.

Industrial Factory Refinery3D Model

Industrial Factory Refinery 3D Model with piping and mechanical equipment

Oil refinery 3d model scenes typically show the refinery complex structures including the building structures, mechanical equipment, piping, cooling towers, generators, chemical equipment, etc. The scenes can also include the surrounding environment which typically comprises of a nearby river or sea shore and an oil ocean platform if the oil is drilled  from the ocean. The 3d refinery renders can also show the terrain and surrounding structures that provide access to transportation.

Refineries are located away from residential areas so its surroundings are industrial but with easy access to obtain and provide raw materials.

Some refinery 3d models include transport of crude oil by pipelines while others include other means of transportation including rail cars, road tankers or barges.

Oil refineries can be co-located or near other petrochemical  and manufacturing plants to allow easy access to large output refinery products for further processing. They can also be located near industrial plants that provide the refinery the chemical additives to blend.

Desert Oil Refinery Installation Industrial 3D Model

Desert Oil Refinery 3D Model Installation

Old Rusty Factory 3D Model meticulously modeled with high detail

Old Rusty Factory 3D Model meticulously modeled with very high detail


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