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How To Successfully Land Your Next 3d Modeling Opportunity

3d models of people in business environments and offices

Corporate Business Character and 3d Modeling and Rendering of People Models

In today’s economy, 3D artists looking for a job have been forced to think outside the box. If you have been laid off or if you are changing from a completely different industry, it may be difficult landing that first opportunity. If you’re sending your resume to prospective employers and you are not getting the results you desire, you may feel frustrated with the idea of seeking work as a 3d modeler or related position.

When it comes to job hunting, creativity does not stop at 3d modeling! Having the skills of a 3d modeler already sets you apart, but there are still a few extra things you should keep in mind when you are job hunting. Here are some creative ways to get a new job.

Maintain A Strong Portfolio! – Your portfolio is one of your strongest assets in securing your next job. What’s in your portfolio? Have you received any rave reviews? Do you have enough content in your portfolio to wow a hiring manager? The most important thing to keep in mind about your portfolio is to make sure that your 3d assets are top quality. If some of your work looks mediocre, then take it out and keep only those pieces of work that stand out and represent your talent the best.

Office Interior Model, Highly Realistic in 3D

Office Interior Model, Highly Realistic 3d Modeling of The Scene and Rendering

Know Your Industry – If you have been modeling for sometime now, you may be aware that 3d modeling jobs are spread out across different industries. A 3d modeler in the aerospace industry may be required to use programs such as Strata3D, Maya, or 3D Studio Max, etc. A 3d modeler in the engineering industry may simply be focused on the type of modeling such as 3D solid or parametric modeling. Know what industries you are interested in and be sure that your experience meets the job requirements that are available in that industry.

Keep Talent and Skills Current – freelance work, tutorials, developing portfolio Are you knowledgeable about new software programs and services offered in your industry? Consider taking a refresher course to brush up on your skills or learn new skills. If you are unable to sit through a class, there are alternative online training programs available to 3d modelers. offers online training from the comfort of your own home.

Networking – Attending a conference is a great way to build your network. Having a strong network of contacts can lead you to your next job. You never know if you just might be talking to your next employer! Tap into your online social networks and make sure you have an online portfolio that you can link to your profile. is a great venue for 3d modelers to buy and sell 3d models and have a profile link which can easily be shared.

Consider Internships – Working as an intern is a great way to get your foot in the door, especially if you are new to 3d modeling. Also, internships may lead to a more permanent position with the company.

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About Architectural Rendering – CAD

You more than likely have heard about CAD rendering, and even if you are not a graphics designer you may very well not know just how frequently or where it can be used. You might be surprised just how often and in what applications CAD rendering appears.

A picture of an architectural rendering of a building.

3D Model Building.

Architectural rendering is not just for architects in spite of its name. Automobile manufacturers, landscapers, engineers among others make use of CAD rendering or have it completed for them. It allows them to discover imperfections appearing in design and perspective well before costly setbacks are made in real-time production.

Architectural rendering is extremely detailed oriented and includes realistic lighting style as well as textures to convey a much more natural look and feel to the modeled object.  A virtual walk-through can be created for the web to give prospective buyers an authentic feel for the design. Car designers are giving life to their models in 3D just before production using architectural rendering.

CAD, or computer aided design, could be as easy as the 2D representation with minor detail or realism to being complex and flexible as 3D parametric solid modeling. It is dependent upon the use the end product may be put to, along with the competency of the CAD operator. The easiest are 2D or wire models.

There are numerous manufacturers of CAD software programs readily available. These products range in pricing from freeware (big learning curves with low-end simplified outcomes), all the way to higher priced applications with state-of-the-art engines which can actually take a design from the drawing board and give it life. Although, even the high-priced software programs may additionally have higher learning curves because of the alternate options and details which can be imported.

Should you be a designer you might not necessarily be considered a software genius. CAD software takes quite a bit of skill and usually either schooling or hours upon hours of trial and error. Architectural rendering or CAD may be outsourced and quite often this is actually the wisest choice concerning time and cost.

An image of a building that can be used it downtown offices or apartments renders and animations.

House 3D Building Model.

Should the possibility of a rendering service appeal to your situation as well as to your finances, then it is essential that you look at examples of their work, ask about their delivery time, along with balance costs. Make sure you pick a reliable service and be mindful of just about any that will promise too low a price or even only offer stock rendering. Superb services get as much details that they can before presenting a price. Be wary of any that offer a custom architectural rendering service for a flat fee or the prices appear to be way too low. When it comes to architectural rendering, just like most things, you typically get what you purchase.

Should you decide to figure out how to use Architectural rendering software then set aside sufficient time due to the learning curve. Take time into discovering tutorials which may shorten the studying time. You should make sure your software program is useful considering the use you would like to put it through and remain patient.

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How to Use Interior 3D Model Scenes To Build Your Own Designs

Interior 3d models help your clients visualize the final interior design of a house, building, or facility. However, you can also use them as a starting point or guideline for new projects because they contain many 3d objects that can be used to form your own theme or style. Below find more about interior 3d scenes and ways that you can use them for your 3d projects.
Living Room Interior 3D Model

Living Room Interior 3D Model

Interior scenes come in a variety of design styles and are used by many interior designers and architects to help their clients visualize the look and feel of the design.

An interior 3d model or scene is usually made up of a group of 3d objects and is typically rendered with powerful 3d software and/or plugins to make it look very realistic. Typically, when the interior scene has been rendered, the materials for each object and the lighting setup is included with the 3d model.

Each 3d model or object in the interior scene plays a role in the design. This is important to keep in mind when you are using them as a starting point for your own design. When you clearly understand the role of each object, you will be able to mix and match and build your own interior designs.

A typical 3d interior scene contains several architectural 3d models that make up the scene, including the room structure, lights, furniture, kitchen cabinets and utensils, electronics, accessories, etc. Therefore, when you start the 3d modeling process for interiors, it is recommended that you understand the role that each element will play in the overall design. Also, keep in mind what the clients are most interested in visualizing so that you can satisfy their needs.

When you begin designing the interior, select a theme or style and use this style or “idea” throughout a room. When you keep this interior style consistently throughout the room, you will give it a feeling of completeness and put your clients at ease. Also, the elements of the house or building interior must contribute to the function and form of your design.

Also, you can use other existing styles for your interiors. Designers often start with existing styles and build on them. Some of the most popular interior styles include: Louis XV and Louis XVI, Victorian, Islamic, Feng Shui, International, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, English Georgian, Gothic, Indian Mughal, Art Deco, etc.

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Know when to outsource your 3D Modeling and Rendering

3D City Model of urban scene in blender 3ds lwo obj xsi

3D City Model of urban scene in blender 3ds lwo obj xsi

Imagine that your pitch was successful and now your clients want your animation in a futuristic city scene. You are an expert in animation…but not in 3d modeling and cities are known to take weeks to do!

The animation you used for the pitch took you 2 weeks and they now want a more complicated one in a week…HALF THE TIME AND MORE TO DO.

You could customize a stock 3d city scene to look futuristic or outsource it. This project has a tight deadline and you are not an expert in customizing 3d city models fast…and outsourcing could allow you to focus on the animation.

Sound familiar? Outsourcing 3d modeling and rendering or doing it in-house is a common dilemma 3D artists and animation studios face, especially when rushing to get 3d projects done.

When it is a good time to outsource your 3d?  A rule of thumb from one of our clients is that

“If someone can make it in half the time I can…then its time to hand it off. My time is just too valuable.”

Typically, clients outsource 3d modeling and rendering when the 3d model, such as a 3d city scene, can be done or customized much more efficiently by custom 3D services such as Flat Pyramid Custom 3D.

New York City Downtown Scene 3D Model in max obj

New York City Downtown Scene 3D Model in max obj

What could take weeks to do can take expert 3d modelers that specialize in 3d cities just days. So you get less frustration, quicker turn around, and higher quality results, which are worth spending money on.

Below are tips to help you know when outsourcing can work for you:

  • You run into something you don’t really well and it is not part of your core skills. Also it will take time to learn it and become efficient at it.
  • You have too many 3D projects stuck in the pipeline and budget constraints prevent you from taking on more 3d artists on staff.
  • The 3D projects go in cycles, sometimes you need more people, sometimes less, and you want to avoid downsizing.
  • The 3D project is a one-time project.
  • You need to reduce costs to be able to be more competitive when you are bidding for 3D projects.
  • It is more productive and profitable for you to let expert custom 3D services handle it.

Also, when you outsource 3d modeling you increase your profits, since you save more than half of the 3D project costs mainly because you save in labor costs. Outsourcing experts agree that having someone else do the areas that are not your expertise enables you to do more and you can leverage lower labor costs and increase your profit.

Realize you can’t do it all and you must find ways to speed up your 3d development cycle and get 3d projects to your clients quicker and cheaper than the competition – or face losing clients.

When you have decided that its best for you to outsource, consider using the expertise of Flat Pyramid artists with a wide range of experience in custom 3D modeling and Rendering, see more custom 3d tips.

Oil Refinery Industrial 3D Models

Mega Oil Gas Refinery 3D Model highly detailed

Mega Oil Gas Refinery 3D Model highly detailed industrial structure

Industrial Oil refinery 3d models are used to represent large industrial complexes specialize in processing and refining oil into more useful petroleum products. Oil refinery 3d models are often used to visualize refineries before they are built or when planning for construction and/or remodeling. Oil refineries have extensive piping running throughout it grounds. These pipes transport the fluids and by-products to their large chemical processing units.

An oil refinery processes crude oil and  then refines into petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, asphalt base, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas.

Refinery 3d models are typically used in scenes to represent these large industrial structures. The entire refinery can comprise of several structure or units.

Each section or portion of the refinery performs a specific function including the actual processing  of distillates (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, lubrication oils, asphalt etc), processing of steam and cooling water, power generation, transport, etc.

Industrial Factory Refinery3D Model

Industrial Factory Refinery 3D Model with piping and mechanical equipment

Oil refinery 3d model scenes typically show the refinery complex structures including the building structures, mechanical equipment, piping, cooling towers, generators, chemical equipment, etc. The scenes can also include the surrounding environment which typically comprises of a nearby river or sea shore and an oil ocean platform if the oil is drilled  from the ocean. The 3d refinery renders can also show the terrain and surrounding structures that provide access to transportation.

Refineries are located away from residential areas so its surroundings are industrial but with easy access to obtain and provide raw materials.

Some refinery 3d models include transport of crude oil by pipelines while others include other means of transportation including rail cars, road tankers or barges.

Oil refineries can be co-located or near other petrochemical  and manufacturing plants to allow easy access to large output refinery products for further processing. They can also be located near industrial plants that provide the refinery the chemical additives to blend.

Desert Oil Refinery Installation Industrial 3D Model

Desert Oil Refinery 3D Model Installation

Old Rusty Factory 3D Model meticulously modeled with high detail

Old Rusty Factory 3D Model meticulously modeled with very high detail

3D Models in Architectural Renderings Visualizations and Animations

Urban Architectural Design using 3D Models, Aerial View

Urban Architectural Design using 3D Models, Aerial

Architectural renderings, visualizations and animations use 3d models to represent residential and commercial interiors and exteriors for marketing and design analysis purposes.

Architectural visualizations enable clients and target audiences to see the finished building and/or interiors before the approval and construction of a residential or commercial building.

Architectural renderings, visualizations and animations play major role in the design and the sale of real estate. Design changes and related decisions are facilitated by using architecture 3d models, which are used to create architectural renderings and visualizations that can be shown to the clients before the building or property.

3D Modeling of architectural renderings requires specific expertise not only in rendering but in architectural design as well.  The architectural 3D models used to create the renders must be modeled with the right proportion, scale, and level of detail. Also real life textures, materials, color and finishes must be used to achieve the photo realistic look of high quality 3D architecture renderings.

Photo Realistic 3D Rendering of Architectural Interiors
Photo Realistic 3D Rendering of Architectural Interiors

Architectural renderings are specific to their particular use and there are many types including: still renderings, 3d photo-realistic renderings, virtual tours, panoramic renderings, walk-through animations, fly-by animations, 3D floor plans, light and shadow study renderings, renovation renderings, etc. Each type of architectural rendering will first start as a group of 3d models arranged together to create the architectural scene.

Architectural renderings are still renders of  these scenes and the landscape and they include the building or structure and surrounding environment such as the trees, grass, people, cars, etc.

Architectural renderings can be created from sketches or from CAD files. 3D models can also be inserted into an actual photograph of the lot or environment to create an architectural rendering with a photo environment.

Virtual tours are very popular in residential as well as commercial real estate sales. Virtual tours allow navigation throughout the entire 3D architectural scene. When going through a virtual tour  that was created using 3d models, one can go from room to room and explore every aspect before beginning construction.

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3D floor plans are done in three dimension to provide a very accurate layout of the interiors of a home or building, as one can see the rooms for each level and the rooms are typically furnished.

Architectural Rendering of House Floor Plan in 3D
Architectural Rendering of House Floor Plan in 3D

Panoramic renderings are high end architectural visualizations and they are done to provide a wider view of the architectural scene.  They can be done on the interior as well as the exterior of the building. They are also done so that the client gets a 360 degree view of the architecture of a building.

Architectural animations are short architectural movies. To create the animation a series of still 3D rendered images are put together to form the movie.

3D Models are used in each of the 3d scenes  in the movie. An architectural animations can have fly-over camera views and walk-through views of the building.

Architectural animations are often created with the landscaping and surrounding environment to give the them are more realistic feel.

There are many types of stock architecture 3d models that are used in architectural renderings including scenes, interiors, exteriors, buildings, plants, furniture, etc.

Types and Uses of Stadium 3D Models

3D Model of basketball arena highly detailed including tribunes, seats, tables, backstops, display, roof construction, advertisement-boards and ball.
3D Model of basketball arena highly detailed including tribunes, seats, tables, backstops, display, roof construction, advertisement-boards and ball.

A stadium is a place or venue for events such as outdoor sports and concerts. Stadiums typically consist of a field or stage that is partly or completely surrounded by a structure that provides protection, lighting, and other services that allows spectators to seat or stand during the sport event or concert. Stadiums can have movable fields and partial roofs to protect spectators from the sunlight, and they even have retractable seating.

There are several types of stadiums and 3d model computer graphics are commonly used to visualize them. Stadium 3d models are typically used to represent the actual architectural structure in a computer generated city scene.

City scenes can be used as backdrops in games, marketing materials for web and print, urban planning and development, and anytime when the stadium 3d model can provide a visual reference of the actual stadium.

Wimbledon center court stadium 3d model for tennis player centre
Wimbledon center court stadium 3d model for tennis player centre

There are a variety of stadium 3d models including domes and arenas. Domes are mainly designed to host outdoor sports; such as soccer and arenas are designed for indoor sports; such as boxing and hockey.

The elliptical bowl stadiums are designed mainly for American football. This Amercian football bowl stadium can only host American football.

Other types of stadium designed mainly for one sport or event is the baseball park or stadium.

Boxing Arena 3D Model with interior seating and lighting structures
Boxing Arena 3D Model with interior seating and lighting structures

Stadiums can accommodate a wide range of events depending on the on the size, fields, and seating. Some stadiums are designed for a single sport while others can accommodate different events and different sports require fields of different size and shape.

Stadiums can be designed to multi-purpose or single purpose depdending on their ultimate use and size of the event.

For example, Olympic stadiums host the opening and closing ceremonies and the track & field competitions and can have a seating capacity of more than 240,000.

Soccer stadium 3d model building interior
Soccer stadium 3d model building interior

Other stadiums, such as soccer stadiums, are built to accommodate in excess of 100,000. In addition to the field, stadium 3d models also include the surrounding structure and seating and can be customized to represent higher seating capacities.

The spectator areas of a stadium are referred as bleachers, terraces, or tier. The spectator areas were originally designed to have standing room only. However, they have evolved to have different types of seating and even vip areas.

Stadiums 3d models are used in many sport video games including soccer, American football, baseball, basketball and many other games where 3d computer graphic representation of the indoor and outdoor of a dome or arena is needed.

See more stock and customized stadium 3d models.

Hockey stadium 3d model for ice hockey events and sport arena for figureskating and Olympic winter games
Hockey stadium 3d model for ice hockey events and sport arena for figureskating and Olympic winter games