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Audi A5 Sportback in 3D – Video

Very accurate very high definition 3d model of Audi A5 Sportback with detailed interior fully textured.  The headlights and the taillights are modeled and have bump maps applied. The 3d model includes textured and modeled tires. Available in 3D Studio (.3ds), Cinema 4D (.c4d), Lightwave (.lwo, .lw, .lws), 3D Studio Max file (.max), Maya (.ma .mb), Wavefront (.obj).

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How To Make 3d Models In 3d Model Max

image of a 3d model living room in max 3ds

A Max 3ds Living Room 3D Model

There are dozens of reasons to use the new 3d model max programs for your business.  It doesn’t matter what type of business it is.  The fact is that using a 3d model max program is cost effective and is more efficient when it comes to building a life size model unlike doing this in the real world. The realistic appearance of 3d models makes your work look more natural and eye-catching.  Most businesses have been using realistic 3d models in order to secure their share of the market. Therefore, in order to compete in your market, the use of these realistic 3d models will help you to achieve this.

A lot of people use special software for their 3d modeling needs and 3d model max software is amongst the more popular 3d modeling software in the market.  The software offers a wide range of workflow tools and technology.  It is compatible with many other programs and software, but sometimes it’s difficult to find 3d models that fit your needs.  If they do exist, you have to spend hours finding them.

If you would like convert your 2D models into 3D, you’ll have to use programs specially designed to help you do this. 3d model max programs help you create 3D designs that give life to your 2D drawings and plans. In situations where you need a model design to estimate the cost of a item, the 3d models are perfect to help you find the cheapest components and potential problems. If you are not trained in technical design, converting a 2D model to a 3D model can still be cumbersome for the average person.

In addition to the problem of finding the right 3d models, there’s still a learning curve to overcome and use it the most efficient way possible. Knowing how to to convert the models into the 3d model max format is often a problem. Although there are several ways to convert to any type of program format you can think of, it may still be difficult to figure out.

Lots of people find that if there are actually 3d models that fit their needs, they still have many changes to make to that model. Unique projects may require models with detailed specifications that may not be readily available. They need to have some form of customization on these models.

image of a 3d model mega city in 3ds

A 3D Mega City In 3D Model Max

For those scenarios, outsourcing is often the best choice. It saves valuable man-hours so you can use them more profitably on other parts of your project, doing what you do the best. Outsourcing has become one of the ways most industries keep the cost of projects to a minimum.

It is not necessary to have 2D models to outsource, you may use a hand-designed sketch and people well trained in programs to create 3d models can convert that drawing into the perfect reflection of your imagination. You’re the creative genius, they simply design what you show them and make it look real.

Whether you use programs like 3d model max or simply outsource your work, you’ll always have a better response to images that are 3d. You don’t have to have your audience work at imagining what you want them to see. They have the virtual product in front of them and it’s as real to them as the finished product putting you miles ahead of your competition.

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Engine 3D Model Tips

3D models of engines are very detailed and to model them requires knowledge of their major components, functions, and classification. Below find the fundamentals of identifying internal combustion engines and how this can help you quickly model or search for stock 3d models.
Engine 3D Model of D 800

D 800 Engine 3D Model

Engine 3D Models are graphical representations of internal combustion engines. They are comprised of several parts including cylinders, pistons, crankshafts, and camshafts.

Engine 3D Model Configuration

The first step in modeling or searching for stock 3d models of engines is to determine the engine configuration and its use. The layout of the major components which include the cylinders, pistons, crankshafts and camshafts, determine the configuration of the engine.

Engines are typically classified according to their piston motion (single, inline, radial, piston-less), placement of their valves or the placement of their camshafts. A common classification of engines includes the four stroke engine, two stroke engine, piston-less rotary engine (Wankel), gas turbines, and jet engines.

Major Components of the Engine

After you have determined your engine configuration, the next step is to locate the major components on engine diagrams, photographs, digital images or still renders of 3d models. The location of the major components is mostly determined by the shape of the combined engine block and crankcase. Therefore, the location of the major components of the engine and its shape can help you search for and identify the type of engine you are looking for.

For example, when looking for a four-stroke engine, first identify the major components such as the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshafts, and the valves. Then, you can look for other components such as the piston, crank pin, and cylinders with spark plugs (on gasoline engines only). However, if you are looking for a two-stroke engine, look for an exhaust outlet and fuel inlet instead of looking for the valves.

Chevrolet V8 Engine 3D Model

Chevrolet V8 Engine 3D Model

Other engine components that can help you identify engines are the cooling, lubricating, engine control (startup), and exhaust systems.

The exhaust system is made up of devices that improve the efficiency of the engine and also control chemical and noise pollution.

For example, the exhaust system can quickly help you find a jet engine. This is because jet engines generate thrust via their exhaust system. Their exhaust has the shape of a high velocity nozzle which can be easily identified and compared to other engines when you browse through still renders of an engine 3d model.

Cooling systems can also help you identify certain types of engines. The cooling systems are typically made of components that use air or liquid to reduce high temperatures. Combustion generates a great deal of heat, and some of this heat transfers to the walls of the engine. If the engine overheats, then failure will occur because the engine will physically fail or the lubricants will degrade to the point that they will no longer be able to effectively protect the engine.

For example, the cooling system of rocket engines is different than that of automobile engines because they use the fuel to cool. Other high altitude engines use controlled and gradual loss of material to cool engine components.

Engine control systems can also help you discern engines. The components that make up the engine control enable the start and shutdown of the engine and control of the power, speed, torque, pollution, combustion temperature, efficiency. Many control systems today are digital, such as the on-board diagnostics, which are used to perform electronic diagnosis of a vehicle and tuning of the engine.

Understanding the major components and engine classification can greatly help you cut down time when looking for an engine 3d model or when you are modeling engines.

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How to Use Interior 3D Model Scenes To Build Your Own Designs

Interior 3d models help your clients visualize the final interior design of a house, building, or facility. However, you can also use them as a starting point or guideline for new projects because they contain many 3d objects that can be used to form your own theme or style. Below find more about interior 3d scenes and ways that you can use them for your 3d projects.
Living Room Interior 3D Model

Living Room Interior 3D Model

Interior scenes come in a variety of design styles and are used by many interior designers and architects to help their clients visualize the look and feel of the design.

An interior 3d model or scene is usually made up of a group of 3d objects and is typically rendered with powerful 3d software and/or plugins to make it look very realistic. Typically, when the interior scene has been rendered, the materials for each object and the lighting setup is included with the 3d model.

Each 3d model or object in the interior scene plays a role in the design. This is important to keep in mind when you are using them as a starting point for your own design. When you clearly understand the role of each object, you will be able to mix and match and build your own interior designs.

A typical 3d interior scene contains several architectural 3d models that make up the scene, including the room structure, lights, furniture, kitchen cabinets and utensils, electronics, accessories, etc. Therefore, when you start the 3d modeling process for interiors, it is recommended that you understand the role that each element will play in the overall design. Also, keep in mind what the clients are most interested in visualizing so that you can satisfy their needs.

When you begin designing the interior, select a theme or style and use this style or “idea” throughout a room. When you keep this interior style consistently throughout the room, you will give it a feeling of completeness and put your clients at ease. Also, the elements of the house or building interior must contribute to the function and form of your design.

Also, you can use other existing styles for your interiors. Designers often start with existing styles and build on them. Some of the most popular interior styles include: Louis XV and Louis XVI, Victorian, Islamic, Feng Shui, International, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, English Georgian, Gothic, Indian Mughal, Art Deco, etc.

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Broadcast Commercial Yogurt – Strawberry

Broadcast Commercial Yogurt - Strawberry

Broadcast Commercial Yogurt - Strawberry

Product ID: 10203

Media Type: 3D Model

Geometry:    Polygonal
Polygons:    42100
Vertices:    15002
Materials:    True
Textures:    True
Animated:    True
Jointed:    False

Available formats: max 5.20 MB (ver:9)

High detailed and fully textured strawberry and yogurt package model completely animated (tv commercial) in 3dmax format. Ideal for commercial television brand or product visualization, advertisers and animators. Guaranteed Hi-res quality model and ready to change data, export and finish.

You may go to—strawberry-p10203.html for the product page and other related 3d models.