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Michael Jackson 3D Model

Michael Jackson 3D Model

Michael Jackson 3D Model

As you all know the greatest entertainer ever – Michael Jackson suddenly passed away at the young age of 50 years in his rented home in Los Angeles.

While we were shocked like everyone else on hearing the news, we took it a little harder since we had actually been working on a custom 3D model job for Michael Jackson’s upcoming show in the UK, when we learnt that he had passed.

While the world mourns the passing of this legendary artist – Michael Jackson the “King of Pop” we here at Flat Pyramid pay tribute to him and his legacy by offering a Michael Jackson 3D model in his memory through one of our top 3D modeler – Yasmeen Jahan.

Even though we are in the 3D modeling business and not in the music industry and a 3d model artist is different from a musical artist, we are all still artists and share a similar passion for creativity.  Here at Flat Pyramid 3D marketplace, our motto and goal is to allow artist Spend More Time Being Creative while we take care of promoting and distributing your 3D models and 3d products for you.

3D Model of Michael Jackson

3D Model of Michael Jackson

We encourage all you 3D artists that are good with character modeling to create all sorts of 3D Michael Jackson models in his memory.  We will feature all of them in our newsletter, on our blog and send them to his people to use however they choose in his memory.

Regardless of what kind of artists (3D artist, Musical artist, 2D artist, etc) you are, and no matter where you are located in the world, we know that our work always out lives us so spend more time being creative.  Like Michael Jackson’s art, your 3D models might live forever.

From one type of artist to another,

we all wish that Michael Jackson rest in peace.


Making 3D Face Models Look Beautiful And Attractive

Beautiful 3D face models are very often used by advertising agencies, special effects and other production studios in animations, advertisements and special effects.

3D Model of Female Face with hair,  highly realistic

3D Model of Female Face with hair, highly realistic


The 3d face models that are used are graphical representations of very beautiful faces with very attractive features. Whether the 3D face models is being used to to represent realistic humans or 3d characters, the 3d model must be beautiful.


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In many cases, the attractiveness of the 3d face models is a big requirement as beautiful people do “attract” our attention more than unattractive people.

So how do you adjust a 3d human face so that it’s beautiful?

There are certain characteristics that make people beautiful, like certain shape of the eyes, full lips, high cheekbones, etc.  First start by adjusting the 3d face model so that it follows the general human proportions.  Then, you further adjust the 3d face model using the list of characteristics below to give your 3d model a beautiful human face.

What makes the human face beautiful to someone is not universal, the culture and time in history also matters. However, as an overall guideline, beautiful faces are always very symmetrical and look healthy.

Below find what you can do to adjust your 3d human faces to make them more attractive.

How To Make Female 3d Face Models More Attractive

3D Model Face of Brazilian SuperModel Adrianna Lima

3D Model Face of Brazilian Supermodel Adrianna Lima

Here the assumption is that you are starting with an unattractive female face and want to make it more attractive.

  • Face: Make the overall face narrower and with less or no fat around the cheeks and chin areas.
  • Eyes: Increase the distance between the eyes (slightly).  Also give the eyelids thinner look and the eyelashes fuller, longer and dark.
  • Eyebrows: Make the eyebrows darker and narrower and give them an arc shape.
  • Cheek bones: Raise the cheek bones higher.
  • Lips: Make the lips full and symmetrical (top and bottom).
  • Nose: Give the nose a more narrow profile.
  • Skin: Use a suntanned skin tone that is even.

Also a very good reference to use are celebrities or buy stock 3d models of celebrities.  For female celebrities use all time gorgeous celebrities including like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Lena Horne, Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Brigitte Bardot, Natalie Wood, Raquel Welch, Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, etc.

No wonder makeup artists try to recreate these characteristics of attractive people and celebrities all the time.  Now let’s take a look at attractive faces for males.

How To Make  Male 3d Face Models More Attractive

3D Head of an attractive male hero

3D Head of an attractive male hero

Here the assumption is that you are starting with an unattractive male face and want to make it more attractive.

  • Face: Make the overall face narrower, but the upper half should be broader in relation to the lower half of the face.   Also the face should have less or no fat around the cheeks and chin areas.
  • Chin: Make the lower jaw and chin more prominent.
  • Eyes: Give the eyelids thinner look and the eyelashes fuller, longer and dark.
  • Eyebrows: Make the eyebrows darker and full.
  • Lips: Give the lips a bit more fuller look and make sure that they are symmetrical (top and bottom).
  • Cheek bones: Raise the cheek bones higher.
  • Skin: Use a suntanned skin tone that is more brown but even.

Notice that beautiful human male faces share some of the characteristics with beautiful human female faces.

See more examples of stock 3D Face Models that you can buy. These 3d models have been made by skilled 3d artists and have been adjusted to look beautiful and still follow the basic human proportions of  high quality 3d human models.

3D Models in Architectural Renderings Visualizations and Animations

Urban Architectural Design using 3D Models, Aerial View

Urban Architectural Design using 3D Models, Aerial

Architectural renderings, visualizations and animations use 3d models to represent residential and commercial interiors and exteriors for marketing and design analysis purposes.

Architectural visualizations enable clients and target audiences to see the finished building and/or interiors before the approval and construction of a residential or commercial building.

Architectural renderings, visualizations and animations play major role in the design and the sale of real estate. Design changes and related decisions are facilitated by using architecture 3d models, which are used to create architectural renderings and visualizations that can be shown to the clients before the building or property.

3D Modeling of architectural renderings requires specific expertise not only in rendering but in architectural design as well.  The architectural 3D models used to create the renders must be modeled with the right proportion, scale, and level of detail. Also real life textures, materials, color and finishes must be used to achieve the photo realistic look of high quality 3D architecture renderings.

Photo Realistic 3D Rendering of Architectural Interiors
Photo Realistic 3D Rendering of Architectural Interiors

Architectural renderings are specific to their particular use and there are many types including: still renderings, 3d photo-realistic renderings, virtual tours, panoramic renderings, walk-through animations, fly-by animations, 3D floor plans, light and shadow study renderings, renovation renderings, etc. Each type of architectural rendering will first start as a group of 3d models arranged together to create the architectural scene.

Architectural renderings are still renders of  these scenes and the landscape and they include the building or structure and surrounding environment such as the trees, grass, people, cars, etc.

Architectural renderings can be created from sketches or from CAD files. 3D models can also be inserted into an actual photograph of the lot or environment to create an architectural rendering with a photo environment.

Virtual tours are very popular in residential as well as commercial real estate sales. Virtual tours allow navigation throughout the entire 3D architectural scene. When going through a virtual tour  that was created using 3d models, one can go from room to room and explore every aspect before beginning construction.

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3D floor plans are done in three dimension to provide a very accurate layout of the interiors of a home or building, as one can see the rooms for each level and the rooms are typically furnished.

Architectural Rendering of House Floor Plan in 3D
Architectural Rendering of House Floor Plan in 3D

Panoramic renderings are high end architectural visualizations and they are done to provide a wider view of the architectural scene.  They can be done on the interior as well as the exterior of the building. They are also done so that the client gets a 360 degree view of the architecture of a building.

Architectural animations are short architectural movies. To create the animation a series of still 3D rendered images are put together to form the movie.

3D Models are used in each of the 3d scenes  in the movie. An architectural animations can have fly-over camera views and walk-through views of the building.

Architectural animations are often created with the landscaping and surrounding environment to give the them are more realistic feel.

There are many types of stock architecture 3d models that are used in architectural renderings including scenes, interiors, exteriors, buildings, plants, furniture, etc.

Eliminate Gorilla and Chimp Attacks by using 3D Models

Wild animals often star in movies and commercials and it may appear to the general public as if a real animal was used in such productions. However, when looking to use wild animals in film and television production, such as gorillas and chimpanzees, studios use very realistic 3d models of animals. Using a 3d model  eliminates potential attacks on humans,  such as the unfortunate chimpanzee attack this week in Stamford, Connecticut.Gorilla Chimpanzee 3d model

3D models are created by skilled 3D computer graphic artists and manipulated using powerful computer software, 3D plugins, and scripts. Therefore, the real wild animal does not need to be present to star in the film or commercial. Thus,  eliminating the expenses and risks involved with staging and directing wild animals, such as chimpanzee attacks on humans.

Using a 3d model also allows the animal character to do more than a real animal, such as  being able to talk and perform like humans.

Gorilla or Chimpanzee 3d models can be used in films and commercials as well as animations, games, visualizations, etc.

Animated Cube With Texture maps and lights

Animated cube

Animated cube

Rubik’s cube with texture maps and lights, in 3dmax format completely animated in 4 times. Ideal for commercial television brand or product visualization, advertisers and animators. Its a  guaranteed Hi-resolution quality model ready to change data, export and finish.

You may go to for the product page and other related 3d models.


Product ID: 10202

Media Type: 3D Model
Polygons:    29460
Vertices:    15002
Materials:    True
Textures:    True
Animated:    True
Jointed:    False

Available format: max 11.70 MB (ver:9)