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About Architectural Rendering – CAD

You more than likely have heard about CAD rendering, and even if you are not a graphics designer you may very well not know just how frequently or where it can be used. You might be surprised just how often and in what applications CAD rendering appears.

A picture of an architectural rendering of a building.

3D Model Building.

Architectural rendering is not just for architects in spite of its name. Automobile manufacturers, landscapers, engineers among others make use of CAD rendering or have it completed for them. It allows them to discover imperfections appearing in design and perspective well before costly setbacks are made in real-time production.

Architectural rendering is extremely detailed oriented and includes realistic lighting style as well as textures to convey a much more natural look and feel to the modeled object.  A virtual walk-through can be created for the web to give prospective buyers an authentic feel for the design. Car designers are giving life to their models in 3D just before production using architectural rendering.

CAD, or computer aided design, could be as easy as the 2D representation with minor detail or realism to being complex and flexible as 3D parametric solid modeling. It is dependent upon the use the end product may be put to, along with the competency of the CAD operator. The easiest are 2D or wire models.

There are numerous manufacturers of CAD software programs readily available. These products range in pricing from freeware (big learning curves with low-end simplified outcomes), all the way to higher priced applications with state-of-the-art engines which can actually take a design from the drawing board and give it life. Although, even the high-priced software programs may additionally have higher learning curves because of the alternate options and details which can be imported.

Should you be a designer you might not necessarily be considered a software genius. CAD software takes quite a bit of skill and usually either schooling or hours upon hours of trial and error. Architectural rendering or CAD may be outsourced and quite often this is actually the wisest choice concerning time and cost.

An image of a building that can be used it downtown offices or apartments renders and animations.

House 3D Building Model.

Should the possibility of a rendering service appeal to your situation as well as to your finances, then it is essential that you look at examples of their work, ask about their delivery time, along with balance costs. Make sure you pick a reliable service and be mindful of just about any that will promise too low a price or even only offer stock rendering. Superb services get as much details that they can before presenting a price. Be wary of any that offer a custom architectural rendering service for a flat fee or the prices appear to be way too low. When it comes to architectural rendering, just like most things, you typically get what you purchase.

Should you decide to figure out how to use Architectural rendering software then set aside sufficient time due to the learning curve. Take time into discovering tutorials which may shorten the studying time. You should make sure your software program is useful considering the use you would like to put it through and remain patient.

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Custom 3D Modeling Graphics: Attract Customers and Increase Sales

The quality and level of detail achieved with custom the 3d modeling  is what  really attracts customers to your website and  convinces clients to get your product or service.  Often, this means that you need to add an element  of surprise or a “shock and awe” factor to your presentation, flash demo, animation, or product demonstration.  This includes using very sharp and realistic 3d computer graphics or 3d models.

However,  creating 3d models is not an easy task, one needs to really know how to build it in specialized 3d software programs. Additionally, there are a lot of techniques that one must use in order to achieve realistic results.  In order for you to achieve this, it is best not to spend long hours of valuable creative work and time learning this skill because it might not make sense for you, since it requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore,  hiring a graphics specialist to work on your project can get you great results without the hassle of learning or spending the time creating them yourself. You can look and study how existing 3d modeling looks when done by specialists.

There are many who offer this service. However, when you use the services of a 3D marketplace  like Flat Pyramid, you get an expert 3D artist to work on your project, one that dedicates all its resources and unique talent to  producing great results for you.  Besides being a cost saver and allowing minor firms with small resources to have the benefit of experts, big corporations benefit from having experienced people that concentrates specially on this specialty area to be part of their team and the proficiency and amazing ideas that outsourcing brings when you buy a 3D model.

Look for an online studio that is specially dedicated to to digital languages. Unlike brick and mortar companies, it builds up 3D modeling quickly accessible with a click of a mouse, which provides everyone go to their help and data. It brings not just users of their useful help services a large benefit but also serves a support where brilliant visual artists match their abilities to the needs of businesses.

By manipulating and modifying 3D designs you’ll be able to grasp and take advantage of the usefulness of using computer generated images on your presentations or website. Imagine the impact that you’ll have when these graphics literally jump from the text or presentation to sell your site, idea or product. People demand more today from advertisement. A simple jingle is not enough to make you stand apart from the rest. 3 dimensional designing can help you stand out from the rest.

3 dimensional models are in a database of digital content that’s appropriate for almost every industry. The quick access to 3 d designing feeds you with the easiest possible way when time is of an essence. But, if you do not discover what you are looking, artworks and photos are also available in different websites so this could be a better source also.

When you buy 3D models instead of starting from scratch and assembling them by yourself, you might realize that you all the times look forward on adding added sub pages to your web page or producing more outcomes. With the burden task of creating the custom 3D designing finished by another website or owner, you can focus your aid to the other details where you shine. It only makes sense to buy 3D models to free your personal creativity.

For those that find hunting throughout hundreds of online software only to realize there is nothing that suits their vision, they’ll be pleased when they discover there are website that gives custom 3D modeling to fit specified specifications. A few websites such as Flat allow you to purchase three dimensional graphics to fit specific requests for your particular situation. If you can not discover what you are searching for, the company has 3d modelers and graphic artists make a graphic design for you. This type of service interacts graphic artists from any places around the world to design 3d design to the preferred looks of the client. There is no need for extravagant and time-consuming trip if you would try just the exact outcome of Big Ben or an cool 3d art of the Grand Canyon.

Not including people can not to design their own custom 3D modeling, graphic artists also purchase 3D masterpiece. If you are an artist searching for a designing block to begin a project or want a full packaged complex 3 dimensional3D model, you can sometimes request something to suit your primary need. When you purchase 3D creation, create certain that they are royalty free.

It simply makes sense to purchase 3D creation rather than expend all your effort and brilliant creative talent to a project you can outsource. The production of custom 3D modeling is faster and of higher quality when the creator does it as his primary focus. You owe it to your self and your project to take advantage of the experts and buy 3dimensional creation. You’ll find that the tiny expenses expenditure of few bucks brings tremendous savings in time and resources.

Palm Tree 3D Models for your Landscapes

Palm Tree 3D Model with High Resolution Textures

Palm Tree 3D Model with High Resolution Textures

Palm trees give your landscapes, city streets, office environments, and gardens a refreshing tropical feel. This makes 3d models of palm trees one of the most popular ornamental plant 3d models used by 3d modeling artists  for landscapes in architectural scenes, still renders, city scenes, and 3d visualizations.

There are many types of palm tree 3d models that you can use  in your 3d landscape. However, the best ones are the palm trees that actually grow in your landscape’s climate. When you choose 3d models of palm trees that grow in your landscape’s climate, your city scenes look more realistic and believable.

Buy Palm Tree 3D Models or get them made to your specifications with our custom 3d service.

How do you choose the right palm tree 3d model for your landscape?

To select the appropriate palm tree,  let’s first take a look at what sets palm trees apart from other trees.

Most palm trees have large, compound leaves located at the top of a stem and the stem does not have branches. They grow in tropical and subtropical regions and do not tolerate severe cold weather.

Palm Tree 3D Model, low polygon
Desert Palm Tree 3D Model, low polygon

Therefore, the first step in selecting your palm tree 3d model is to determine whether your landscape’s climate is tropical or subtropical.

If your climate is not tropical or subtropical,  then only use palm trees as indoor plants for interior scenes or  botanical gardens.

The next step is to search for and select the types of palm trees that grow in your landscape’s climate.  For example, if you are 3d modeling a casino in Las Vegas, then need you would choose a desert palm tree, such as the True Date Palm Tree,  for the landscape.  The True Date Palm tree is well suited for very hot and dry climates like the desert. It also likes full sunlight and grows very tall to about 50 feet. The True Date Palm is typically used for landscaping in upscale developments, such as commercial structures, malls, hotels, etc.

See below a list of popular palm trees grown in the Southern U.S. and further North.

  • Mediterranean (European) Fan Palm
  • California Fan Palm
  • True Date Palm
  • Queen Palm
  • Canary Island Date Palm
  • Texas Sabal Palm
  • Windmill Palm
  • Pindo Palm
  • Sago Palms
  • Mexican Fan Palm
Plam Tree 3D Model (Cordyline Australis)
Palm Tree 3D Model (Cordyline Australis)

Once you know what type of palm trees you need, simply get the stock 3d models of the palm trees. It is important that you choose stock 3d models that are low polygon, since you might be using them several tree 3d models in your landscape.

Now that your palm tree 3d models are ready, it’s time to place them in your scene.  These are several things you want to consider when placing the palm trees in your scene.  For example, palm trees that can’t withstand direct light must be grouped together with other trees and shrubs to protect them from sunlight. Also, palm trees that are in colder environments should be grouped together with other trees to protect them from the cold wind.

Palm trees not only have ornamental value but they have great economic importance as many products are derived from palm trees including coconut products, oils, dates, palm syrup, ivory nuts, carnauba wax, rattan cane, raffia and palm wood.

As you can see, it is very important to select  the right type of  palm tree to use in your 3d landscape. It is also important to know how to place them together with other plants in your scene.

The best way to save time is to buy stock tree 3d models already available so you can use them to make your architectural landscapes, still renders, and visualizations look more realistic. Ultimately, this variety of palm tree 3d models enables you to choose one that is most appropriate for your architectural landscapes, city scenes, still renders, and 3d visualizations.

Michael Jackson 3D Model

Michael Jackson 3D Model

Michael Jackson 3D Model

As you all know the greatest entertainer ever – Michael Jackson suddenly passed away at the young age of 50 years in his rented home in Los Angeles.

While we were shocked like everyone else on hearing the news, we took it a little harder since we had actually been working on a custom 3D model job for Michael Jackson’s upcoming show in the UK, when we learnt that he had passed.

While the world mourns the passing of this legendary artist – Michael Jackson the “King of Pop” we here at Flat Pyramid pay tribute to him and his legacy by offering a Michael Jackson 3D model in his memory through one of our top 3D modeler – Yasmeen Jahan.

Even though we are in the 3D modeling business and not in the music industry and a 3d model artist is different from a musical artist, we are all still artists and share a similar passion for creativity.  Here at Flat Pyramid 3D marketplace, our motto and goal is to allow artist Spend More Time Being Creative while we take care of promoting and distributing your 3D models and 3d products for you.

3D Model of Michael Jackson

3D Model of Michael Jackson

We encourage all you 3D artists that are good with character modeling to create all sorts of 3D Michael Jackson models in his memory.  We will feature all of them in our newsletter, on our blog and send them to his people to use however they choose in his memory.

Regardless of what kind of artists (3D artist, Musical artist, 2D artist, etc) you are, and no matter where you are located in the world, we know that our work always out lives us so spend more time being creative.  Like Michael Jackson’s art, your 3D models might live forever.

From one type of artist to another,

we all wish that Michael Jackson rest in peace.