About FlatPyramid

Royalty Free 3D Model and Stock Photo 3D Renders

FlatPyramid.com is a 3D Marketplace where you can get 3D Models and Royalty Free Photo renders.

Our stock 3D content is available in multiple file formats including 3d Studio Max models , Maya models , OBJ, Lightwave , Open Flight , Softimage XSI and Cinema 4D and more.

Need 3D Models Or Photo Renders Customized?

Let us customize it for you. We offer high quality 3D model and photo render customization at affordable rates.  At FlatPyramid we have highly qualified artists that can work with you to get you quality custom 3D work on time and at affordable rates, which save you time and money.  Learn more and see what other customers have to say about our getting their 3d models made with our custom 3D services.

For 3D Artists

If you make 3d models you can earn money from selling your 3d models and 3d renders on FlatPyramid.com …Its FREE, just signup with the option to become a seller to get started today. You also get lots of free exposure and the ability to showcase your talent and expertise.


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