Tips and Tricks for Creating Textures From Photos

By:  Elizabeth Gallagher
TRU Graphic Solutions Ltd

here are plenty of tutorials and articles on the internet covering the subject of general photography and a hand full on the subject of texture photography, so rather than going over old ground, I would like to share a few personal tricks and tips I have developed when taking photographs for purpose of texture creation.


With the acceleration of technology and the current economic climate, now is a good time to purchase your first digital camera and gain some control over your creative destiny by taking your own photos.

These days, you can purchase a 10 Mega Pixel digital camera for around $200 – $300 and this is perfectly adequate for the creation of textures. But just like any hobby or creative pursuit, there is always a learning curve. Expect to make mistakes, learn from them and know even the most seasoned photographer has to go through some post correction process before his/her photos are suitable for the purpose of texture creation.

Sun and Shadow

For the same reason the sun works well for Sun Dials, it can often work against the process and purpose of texture photography. Bright sunny days are perhaps ironically conditions to avoid when taking photographs for texture creation. The sun casts shadows on just about every type of surface and even small shadows can make a photograph very difficult to work with when attempting to create a seamless texture later.

This is a bad image to create a texture because it has shadows.

Architecture Texture with Shadows. This is a bad image to create a texture because it has shadows.

Additionally, shadows on game textures will be in conflict with many game engines that use Dynamic Lighting to simulate natural weather and light environments. When shadows and light move in “real time” within a game scene, static shadows displayed on game textures will look “out of synch” or artificial, even to the untrained eye.

For example, compare the two window photo textures. The  photograph to the left ( the window with the arches and shadows) demonstrates perfectly the negative impact that shadows have on architectural photography. As you can probably see, it would be practically impossible to fix or use this photo for any type of digital artwork.

Now compare with the photograph below, which was taken on a typical overcast day in December. Notice that there are no visible shadows at all and this would be a perfect candidate for the creation of a good game texture.

So, for the purpose of texture photography, overcast or cloudy days offer the best lighting conditions for texture photography, as shadows are subdued and subtle.

This is a very good image to create a texture because it does not have shadows.

Good Architecture Texture. This is a very good image to create a texture because it does not have shadows.

Missed Opportunities

I cannot tell you how many times I have driven past a fantastic opportunity for texture photography and I didn’t have my camera with me. It’s the most frustrating feeling and once in desperation, I tried to use my phone camera, which perhaps inevitably, resulted in a waste of time and effort.

After doing this several times I decided to leave my camera in the boot of my car along with a fully charged battery so now if I see an interesting building on my travels, I am good to go.

Try and get into the habit of taking your camera with you wherever you go, even if it’s just a trip to the shopping mall.

The environment we live and work in is ever changing and opportunities may pop up one day and disappear the next. This is especially true with old historical buildings that are being demolished and replaced by new and quite often uninspiring and clinical looking architecture.

More Is More

What may appear like a perfect shot from within your camera LCD screen can sometimes prove to be less than perfect when finally viewed in full resolution on your PC monitor.

There is nothing more disappointing than realizing your “perfect photo” is actually out of focus or over/under exposed when opened up in your Photo editor. Whilst these imperfections can sometimes be fixed, it’s always better to get the shot right in the first place.

To reduce the chances of this happening I take 3 or 4 shots of the same subject therefore increasing my chances of obtaining at least one good quality photograph that requires little to no post correction editing.

Move Closer

When I first stated taking photos for texture creation I would only see the obvious. The front of an ornamental building, the Baroque window on the face of a castle wall, or the beautiful stone relief work on a church building.

Eventually I discovered that if I looked “beyond the obvious” I was able to get about 20 more textures from the same object.

Whilst building and architecture may have initially caught my eye, I began to notice areas in more detail and discover the beauty in age and imperfection. The rotten wood in a window frame, the corroded decay on the surface of a metal industrial container, cracks and exposed brickwork in a plaster wall all have potential for fantastic grunge textures.

Learn to see beyond the obvious. There are often two very different types of textures you can shoot from the same subject, the architecture on the whole and the surface material it’s actually made up of.


How To Successfully Land Your Next 3d Modeling Opportunity

3d models of people in business environments and offices

Corporate Business Character and 3d Modeling and Rendering of People Models

In today’s economy, 3D artists looking for a job have been forced to think outside the box. If you have been laid off or if you are changing from a completely different industry, it may be difficult landing that first opportunity. If you’re sending your resume to prospective employers and you are not getting the results you desire, you may feel frustrated with the idea of seeking work as a 3d modeler or related position.

When it comes to job hunting, creativity does not stop at 3d modeling! Having the skills of a 3d modeler already sets you apart, but there are still a few extra things you should keep in mind when you are job hunting. Here are some creative ways to get a new job.

Maintain A Strong Portfolio! – Your portfolio is one of your strongest assets in securing your next job. What’s in your portfolio? Have you received any rave reviews? Do you have enough content in your portfolio to wow a hiring manager? The most important thing to keep in mind about your portfolio is to make sure that your 3d assets are top quality. If some of your work looks mediocre, then take it out and keep only those pieces of work that stand out and represent your talent the best.

Office Interior Model, Highly Realistic in 3D

Office Interior Model, Highly Realistic 3d Modeling of The Scene and Rendering

Know Your Industry – If you have been modeling for sometime now, you may be aware that 3d modeling jobs are spread out across different industries. A 3d modeler in the aerospace industry may be required to use programs such as Strata3D, Maya, or 3D Studio Max, etc. A 3d modeler in the engineering industry may simply be focused on the type of modeling such as 3D solid or parametric modeling. Know what industries you are interested in and be sure that your experience meets the job requirements that are available in that industry.

Keep Talent and Skills Current – freelance work, tutorials, developing portfolio Are you knowledgeable about new software programs and services offered in your industry? Consider taking a refresher course to brush up on your skills or learn new skills. If you are unable to sit through a class, there are alternative online training programs available to 3d modelers. offers online training from the comfort of your own home.

Networking – Attending a conference is a great way to build your network. Having a strong network of contacts can lead you to your next job. You never know if you just might be talking to your next employer! Tap into your online social networks and make sure you have an online portfolio that you can link to your profile. is a great venue for 3d modelers to buy and sell 3d models and have a profile link which can easily be shared.

Consider Internships – Working as an intern is a great way to get your foot in the door, especially if you are new to 3d modeling. Also, internships may lead to a more permanent position with the company.

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Doctors Benefit From The Use Of Anatomy Human 3D Models

anatomy 3d female base model

A Female Anatomy 3D Model

The medical industry enjoys its wide use of technology, especially when it comes to learning about the human anatomy. Using human anatomy models to teach the several portions of the body to young people is a very accepted practice with proven benefits.

It is possible to use a 2d model for the purpose of demonstrating the parts of the human body. However, 3ds human modeling often gives you a more effective platform for discussing the human anatomy and its various systems.

Ways To Use A 3ds Human Model

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why 3ds human models work is because of the three-dimensional nature itself. These kind of models provide the ability to view the body or areas of it in all different angles. You can use 3d human figures with 360-degree rotations, which allows you to locate even the smallest part of the human body provided that you have a clear and accurate depiction. Typically, viewing figures in solid forms which are what 3d human models are contrary to flat ones enable you to clearly see what you are looking at.

In essence, you can view the human person from the front, rear, and even top and bottom. This 3ds human modeling makes working much easier no matter which type of audience you are presenting to. One specific way the 3ds human might be used would be in a classroom setting where students can use the anatomy 3d model to study the human nervous system.

Several surgeons may also use 3d human models during medical procedures. These 3d human models can be used in a research lab to diagnose certain human ailments.

Learning Becomes Enjoyable With 3D Models

realistic human 3d model male 3ds

A Realistic 3ds Human Male Model

Constructing presentations also becomes easier when using 3ds human models. Teachers can implement the use of 3d models to engage high school students in the learning process, which helps young people visually make associations between the learned features of the body and the actual visual part on the 3d human. Labeling parts of the anatomy is a cinch with 3d human models as you can rotate the model with specialty 3d or presentation software. These 3d human models can be integrated into different types of presentation applications.

Presenters who are discussing medical topics with other colleagues or who are giving community presentations can also benefit from the 3ds human models. Instead of trying to make your audience understand what you’re talking about, a detailed presentation showing anatomy 3d models can help. In this instance, the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” stands true as you can perform a variety of animations with your presentation to enhance your audience’s understanding of the topic. 3d models make it easier to demonstrate an action that is difficult to verbally make sense of.

Working with these types of 3ds human models requires you to use a variety of file types and applications as well. For example, the .3ds file format is perhaps the most popular of the 3d modeling formats. In addition, converting from one three-dimensional file format to another is quite easy as there is software available that can automatically convert your 3d files to a .3ds format.

As you can see, there exists a diversity of medical uses for 3ds human models. Maybe you want to display how the cardiovascular system operates through a 3d model, display the bone and joint system, or easily illustrate the major parts of the human body using a full-scale person, a digitized 3ds human is beneficial to anyone within the medical field.

Human 3d models can help further your understanding of the human anatomy. Get your anatomy 3d model right away.

Why Brain 3D Models Are Used Amongst Medical Professionals

image of a 3d human anatomy nervous spinal and brain system in 3dx

The Nervous System, Spinal Cord, And 3D Brain Model

Using models in medical research and training is crucial in just about all scenarios. Theoretical models are carried out in laboratory experiments and human models are used to teach about medical conditions. When it comes to the human person, both a 3D body and 3d brain model can be used for a variety of reasons. As it often helps to see something three-dimensionally, human models can benefit both students and professors on college campuses and in medical classes.

Using Your Brain Model

One main reason why 3d models are so useful in the medical field is because the parts of the human body and brain can be scrutinized without the use of an actual human body. The 3d brain model can be used in a classroom setting as an inexpensive option to having an actual brain to teach with. In addition, it may help students to understand brain grooves and ridges more than they had before.

An instructor can actually take a 3d brain model to show how the real human brain works right from a computer. These kinds of hands-on approaches make the presentation more enjoyable for the audience.

In the medical profession, 3d brain models serve another purpose in laboratories for even further understanding of the human brain. In the laboratory, this type of model can be used when conducting experiments on the human brain. The 3d brain makes it possible to study in great detail the different parts of the brain–cerebellum all the way to the frontal lobes–in various controlled situations.

Alternatives To The Brain Model

When deciding whether or not to invest in a 3d brain model, it’s important to weigh the pros against the cons. It’s not necessary to buy a 3d brain model when there are tools available to create one. For instance, you could take the task on yourself and create a brain structure model. You could also hire a professional artist to create a three-dimensional model. In both of these cases, however, you end up losing as the overhead and upfront cost for taking one of these routes is almost always exorbitant.

Styling With Hair

tutorial workshop for creating hair and fur in 3ds max

Tutorial For Creating Human Hair And Fur In 3ds Max

Once you have become familiar with the 3d brain model, you may want to further your understanding of the human body by taking the next step with a hair 3d model. Hair textures and colors not only make your three-dimensional model look more life-like, but they can also be used to orient yourself to where the underlying brain structures are located.

All things considered, investing in a quality, ready-made 3d brain model definitely will pay off over the long haul. There are several other methods around that are used to explain the parts of the brain, but none compare to the brain 3d model. In addition, users can style with a hair 3d model texture to make the brain even more interesting than it was before.

As you can see, there are many different uses for a 3d brain model. Whether in the classroom, in a medical lecture hall, or in private learning sessions, virtually any medical professional can use a ready-made 3d brain model to assist him.

Flat Pyramid maintains a vast collection of 3d brain models, 3d hair models, and many other 3d models. Get started with the best way to learn the inside framework of a brain by downloading your 3d brain model or supplemental hair 3d model today at the trusted source for quality 3d models.

How To Use Engine 3D Models To Understand Structure Functionality

image of a chevorlet 427 v8 engine 3d model

A Chevorlet 427 V8 Engine 3D Model

People naturally learn with the help of visual tools. So many present teaching methods seek to impart the maximum amount of information in a minimal amount of time. This can mean that students receive only a partial understanding of the make-up and function of a structure, even while remaining able to rattle off the names of the various parts and responsibilities of the structure. Students can benefit from the use of engine 3d models and truck 3d models because they serve as great visual learning tools.

The engine 3d model offers a comparatively inexpensive way to give students a hands on experience of part manipulation. This is especially true of any spaceship engine 3d model. Students can visually perceive the various inner workings and can begin to correlate these with any textual descriptions received beforehand.

This type of learning proves to be more valuable than rote memorization of a term or concept. Memorizing the names of the parts as a means of studying cannot amount to having a functional knowledge of what was studied. Instead it shows a mind that has separated the terms from the larger functioning structure.

Studies often show that the one-sided learning that occurs in the absence of visual tools results in misconceptions, misinformation and failure to apply the acquired knowledge in real world setting. This can also stagnate the student in related studies in which students should possess sufficient knowledge to enable them to correlate information from course to course. This can ultimately derail the learning path.

image of a mercedes benz semitruck unimog u1300L

Mercedes Benz Military Truck 3D Model

By implementing 3d models into more disciplines, students can begin to acclimate themselves with the structures of their field well before they are required to be able to disassemble and reassemble these structure. 3d models can also impart student confidence with their field of choice, giving them a familiarity that exceeds far beyond textbook learning. This means students can perceive the functionality of a structure as being defined by the inner workings of its various parts.

The use of the engine 3d model and truck 3d model can advance student understanding of these structures. These can also open the doorway as visual cues to learning to assess the cause of problems within these structures. This means the advancement towards using knowledge in real world applications through the appropriate level of understanding need to work in fields associated with these models.

Engine 3d models can not only help students better learn the inner workings of  an engine but can save automotive companies a lot of time and money.  Your business can benefit from 3d models too.  Get truck 3d models and other 3d models at today.

How To Make 3d Models In 3d Model Max

image of a 3d model living room in max 3ds

A Max 3ds Living Room 3D Model

There are dozens of reasons to use the new 3d model max programs for your business.  It doesn’t matter what type of business it is.  The fact is that using a 3d model max program is cost effective and is more efficient when it comes to building a life size model unlike doing this in the real world. The realistic appearance of 3d models makes your work look more natural and eye-catching.  Most businesses have been using realistic 3d models in order to secure their share of the market. Therefore, in order to compete in your market, the use of these realistic 3d models will help you to achieve this.

A lot of people use special software for their 3d modeling needs and 3d model max software is amongst the more popular 3d modeling software in the market.  The software offers a wide range of workflow tools and technology.  It is compatible with many other programs and software, but sometimes it’s difficult to find 3d models that fit your needs.  If they do exist, you have to spend hours finding them.

If you would like convert your 2D models into 3D, you’ll have to use programs specially designed to help you do this. 3d model max programs help you create 3D designs that give life to your 2D drawings and plans. In situations where you need a model design to estimate the cost of a item, the 3d models are perfect to help you find the cheapest components and potential problems. If you are not trained in technical design, converting a 2D model to a 3D model can still be cumbersome for the average person.

In addition to the problem of finding the right 3d models, there’s still a learning curve to overcome and use it the most efficient way possible. Knowing how to to convert the models into the 3d model max format is often a problem. Although there are several ways to convert to any type of program format you can think of, it may still be difficult to figure out.

Lots of people find that if there are actually 3d models that fit their needs, they still have many changes to make to that model. Unique projects may require models with detailed specifications that may not be readily available. They need to have some form of customization on these models.

image of a 3d model mega city in 3ds

A 3D Mega City In 3D Model Max

For those scenarios, outsourcing is often the best choice. It saves valuable man-hours so you can use them more profitably on other parts of your project, doing what you do the best. Outsourcing has become one of the ways most industries keep the cost of projects to a minimum.

It is not necessary to have 2D models to outsource, you may use a hand-designed sketch and people well trained in programs to create 3d models can convert that drawing into the perfect reflection of your imagination. You’re the creative genius, they simply design what you show them and make it look real.

Whether you use programs like 3d model max or simply outsource your work, you’ll always have a better response to images that are 3d. You don’t have to have your audience work at imagining what you want them to see. They have the virtual product in front of them and it’s as real to them as the finished product putting you miles ahead of your competition.

Architects and city planners are using 3d model max programs to give their businesses an aggressive lead in their respective industries. Learn more about how your business can gain a competitive edge today before your the competition does by visiting Flat Pyramid, the best source for 3d models.

Understanding Microbiology: The Use Of Cell And Anatomy 3D Models

3d anatomy model of a male human 3ds anatomy heart skeleton medical organs lungs bones brain kidney liver stomach intestine vertebra male human circulatory vascular zygote nervous anatomy

3D Human Anatomy Male Model

A lot of us find it hard to comprehend what is not clearly visible to us. The inner workings of the human body are truly fascinating and become a lot more fascinating as we enhance the technology that is used to look at it. When looking at further understanding how the human body performs, the utilization of cell 3d models and anatomy 3d models is needed.  A benefit that individuals are going to get by using this method is that they are able to make visual connections with other subjects by way of critical thinking.

Humans are generally visual learners. Trying to learn about the various human cell and anatomy parts may very well be learned by repetition, however lacks a deep comprehension of those parts. There’s no clear visual relationship between the title and the precise body part to which it belongs.

One can better understand the functions of the parts of a human body with visual learning. If we consider the whole picture, we could then fully grasp the smaller parts that structure that whole picture. This is important when it comes to understanding what makes up a cell and the anatomy of the human body.

Flashcards are sufficient tools for vocabulary memorization.  The usefulness of these cannot be underestimated in biology and microbiology classes.  These do not however, allow for connections with the physical form for the actual parts that the various vocabulary words describe. Using flashcards as the single method of study and memorization could turn into an issue to a student once it is time to put into practice what was memorized.

Another significant aspect of the visual learning enhancement of 3d models is the opportunity to take apart the object of learning and test the mind with reassembly. The understanding of the structure becomes much clearer as the mind restructures an object while the body performs the act of restructuring. These are the tactile methods of learning used since early childhood.

heart anatomy organ donor medical doctor hospital transplant disease valve blood muscle pump chest human health cardio beat coeur attack herz biology biomedical scan mri xray man woman

3D Model Of A Human Heart - Internal

Long gone is the thinking that the only way to learn and understand human anatomy parts is by memorization. Visually understanding the physical human structure is key. For instance, a student that can take apart and then put back together an object while being able to associate the different parts with the technical name of that part has successfully gained full understanding of that object. Only then do the real world applications of the knowledge presented become available.

The use of cell and anatomy 3d models in understanding the parts of a human body offers the student the opportunity to make physical associations with learning. The use of this procedure will make the basic knowledge of these fully functional which provides room for expansion of general principles to other lines of thought. Students that are able to perceive at this level of association can begin to incorporate critical thinking skills that enable them to link acquired knowledge with other studies, thereby maximizing the effects of the learned materials.

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