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Why Brain 3D Models Are Used Amongst Medical Professionals

image of a 3d human anatomy nervous spinal and brain system in 3dx

The Nervous System, Spinal Cord, And 3D Brain Model

Using models in medical research and training is crucial in just about all scenarios. Theoretical models are carried out in laboratory experiments and human models are used to teach about medical conditions. When it comes to the human person, both a 3D body and 3d brain model can be used for a variety of reasons. As it often helps to see something three-dimensionally, human models can benefit both students and professors on college campuses and in medical classes.

Using Your Brain Model

One main reason why 3d models are so useful in the medical field is because the parts of the human body and brain can be scrutinized without the use of an actual human body. The 3d brain model can be used in a classroom setting as an inexpensive option to having an actual brain to teach with. In addition, it may help students to understand brain grooves and ridges more than they had before.

An instructor can actually take a 3d brain model to show how the real human brain works right from a computer. These kinds of hands-on approaches make the presentation more enjoyable for the audience.

In the medical profession, 3d brain models serve another purpose in laboratories for even further understanding of the human brain. In the laboratory, this type of model can be used when conducting experiments on the human brain. The 3d brain makes it possible to study in great detail the different parts of the brain–cerebellum all the way to the frontal lobes–in various controlled situations.

Alternatives To The Brain Model

When deciding whether or not to invest in a 3d brain model, it’s important to weigh the pros against the cons. It’s not necessary to buy a 3d brain model when there are tools available to create one. For instance, you could take the task on yourself and create a brain structure model. You could also hire a professional artist to create a three-dimensional model. In both of these cases, however, you end up losing as the overhead and upfront cost for taking one of these routes is almost always exorbitant.

Styling With Hair

tutorial workshop for creating hair and fur in 3ds max

Tutorial For Creating Human Hair And Fur In 3ds Max

Once you have become familiar with the 3d brain model, you may want to further your understanding of the human body by taking the next step with a hair 3d model. Hair textures and colors not only make your three-dimensional model look more life-like, but they can also be used to orient yourself to where the underlying brain structures are located.

All things considered, investing in a quality, ready-made 3d brain model definitely will pay off over the long haul. There are several other methods around that are used to explain the parts of the brain, but none compare to the brain 3d model. In addition, users can style with a hair 3d model texture to make the brain even more interesting than it was before.

As you can see, there are many different uses for a 3d brain model. Whether in the classroom, in a medical lecture hall, or in private learning sessions, virtually any medical professional can use a ready-made 3d brain model to assist him.

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3d hand model rigged and low polygon

3D Hand Models – Modeling Approaches

3D hand models are modeled using several techniques and the best approach that you can use for your project will greatly depend on the end use of the 3d model.
3d hand model rigged and low polygon

3D Hand Model

Modeling of the 3d hand models takes great attention to detail as the hands are one of the most complex body parts. The hands can dramatically change shape with each posture and can perform a wide range of complex movements in a short time.

3d models that are used for still renders tend to be less complex than the ones used in animations or for virtual worlds. The 3d hand models used for animations typically need a specific range of motion.

However, the ones used for virtual worlds are used to interact with the 3D world and a wide range of motion is needed. Also, a more personalized and realistic look is often desired. Therefore, different approaches should be used for modeling for still renders, animations, and virtual worlds.

3d hand model mesh clean rigged

Mesh of a 3D Hand Model

Using proportions can give you less complex models that can be used for still renders and presentations. However, this approach may not be desirable when looking for very realistic and personalized human hands. See examples of stock 3d hand models.

The first approach is to use the proportions of the human body to size the hand. The length of the hand (from the wrist to the middle finger) should be roughly the length of the inner forearm. The male hands should be longer and wider than female hands. The hand of an adult male is about 189mm long and about 84mm wide, while the female hand is 172mm long and about 74mm wide. Also, the fingers should not be perfectly straight, instead they should have a tendency to curve slightly towards the middle finger.

The second approach is to use approximation to establish the right proportions. When using approximation techniques, the proportions are estimated using the existing features of the hand anatomy. For example, the creases of the palm, hand contours, and the wrinkles on the back of the finger knuckles typically mark the areas where the skin is attached to the tendon beneath the skin.

Realistic hand 3d model human anatomy

Realistic Hand 3D Model Showing the Mesh

Other techniques involve generating a series of hand postures from real human hands, which yield hand movements and gestures that are very realistic. For this technique the hand 3d models are made up of both a dynamic and a surface model. The dynamic model is used to generate the hand postures. The surface model is based on 3D shape of a real human hand. This surface model is used to generate the hand shape based on the posture obtained from the dynamic model.

Motion capture and analysis is used to capture and process the hand movements. This can yield very realistic and accurate movements of the human hand. For example, for an animation of a hand making a fist, the 3d hand model fingers would need to curl in a spiral and not a circle. To achieve this, the movement of the joints of a real human (and their relative position in space) would be captured and recorded. Then this recorded movement would be assigned to the fingers so that they curl in a spiral making a fist.

Regardless of the approach you use, modeling of the human hand is complex and requires great attention to the shape, gestures, and movement of the hand.

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Top 5 Tips for Meeting your 3D Modeling and Rendering Deadlines

Modeling of People requires great attention to detail and significant amount of time. Ensure you that you meet your deadlines when modeling people 3d models, by communicating clearly with your clients and setting expectations.

Modeling of People requires great attention to detail and significant amount of time. You can avoid missing your deadline by communicating clearly with your clients, setting expectations, and cutting down time and costs by using stock 3d models of people and characters.

In today’s fast paced environment we all know that it is very important to meet your 3D project deadlines. However, clients are demanding more for less and technology is constantly changing the game, so what can we do to ensure that we and our team meet our deadlines without burning midnight oil or sacrificing our weekends? Below find some tips that can help you and your team avoid missing your deadlines and be more productive.

Make sure that your team knows why meeting your deadline on time every time is important.

Discuss with your team and clients the link between the speed to finish the 3D modeling project versus the profit/rewards. Also share these rewards with your team.
Also, show the urgency to finish ahead of time by taking the necessary actions and making smart decisions. Therefore, when the team needs a decision from you, don’t sit on that decision!

Get involved early in the 3D modeling process.

Getting involved early allows you and your team to better understand the needs upfront, plan and adapt to the changing needs of the project. Also, you will be able to influence the direction and the outcome much easier than if you try to make changes later.

Delegate the necessary authority to your team early so you can get faster decision making.

After setting clear goals, move quickly to execution. If you are managing a 3D team, then step out of the way and let your team make faster decisions. Also, allow them to take responsibility for finishing on time.

Maintain constant communication with your clients and your team.

Your presence and constant communication will send strong and positive signals to your clients and your team.

You don’t need to spend too much time, what is important is the frequency of your communication and meetings. This will allow you to be informed about the progress and detect problems when they are small and easy to solve.

Develop relationships with your suppliers of 3D and related services.

Start developing these relationships early, as this will make it easier for you and your team to work together and successfully outsource your 3D needs. When you spend time building these relationships, you will have time to know their capabilities and they will have time to understand what you are looking for.

For example, don’t wait until the day before your deadline to start outsourcing your 3D modeling as it will not only cost you more but also there might not be enough time to communicate or render the 3d model exactly how you want it.

Also, having a relationship with your suppliers of 3D and related services can save you time, especially when you are looking for stock 3D Models or requesting custom 3D.

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75 Beach Resort People Textures

75 Beach Resort People Textures

75 Beach Resort People Textures

Product ID: 7013

Media Type: Texture

Texture Type:    Diffuse
Size (Pixels W x H):    see previews for image size
Alpha Channel:    True
Specular Map:    False

Available formats: jpeg 13.40 MB

75 Beach Resort People Textures.  75 Beach People in Sitting, Standing and Walking poses with HUGE Texture Resolution.

You may go to http://flatpyramid.com/3d-textures-human-collections-75-beach–resort-people-textures-p7013.html for the product page and other related textures.