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How To Successfully Land Your Next 3d Modeling Opportunity

3d models of people in business environments and offices

Corporate Business Character and 3d Modeling and Rendering of People Models

In today’s economy, 3D artists looking for a job have been forced to think outside the box. If you have been laid off or if you are changing from a completely different industry, it may be difficult landing that first opportunity. If you’re sending your resume to prospective employers and you are not getting the results you desire, you may feel frustrated with the idea of seeking work as a 3d modeler or related position.

When it comes to job hunting, creativity does not stop at 3d modeling! Having the skills of a 3d modeler already sets you apart, but there are still a few extra things you should keep in mind when you are job hunting. Here are some creative ways to get a new job.

Maintain A Strong Portfolio! – Your portfolio is one of your strongest assets in securing your next job. What’s in your portfolio? Have you received any rave reviews? Do you have enough content in your portfolio to wow a hiring manager? The most important thing to keep in mind about your portfolio is to make sure that your 3d assets are top quality. If some of your work looks mediocre, then take it out and keep only those pieces of work that stand out and represent your talent the best.

Office Interior Model, Highly Realistic in 3D

Office Interior Model, Highly Realistic 3d Modeling of The Scene and Rendering

Know Your Industry – If you have been modeling for sometime now, you may be aware that 3d modeling jobs are spread out across different industries. A 3d modeler in the aerospace industry may be required to use programs such as Strata3D, Maya, or 3D Studio Max, etc. A 3d modeler in the engineering industry may simply be focused on the type of modeling such as 3D solid or parametric modeling. Know what industries you are interested in and be sure that your experience meets the job requirements that are available in that industry.

Keep Talent and Skills Current – freelance work, tutorials, developing portfolio Are you knowledgeable about new software programs and services offered in your industry? Consider taking a refresher course to brush up on your skills or learn new skills. If you are unable to sit through a class, there are alternative online training programs available to 3d modelers. Lynda.com offers online training from the comfort of your own home.

Networking – Attending a conference is a great way to build your network. Having a strong network of contacts can lead you to your next job. You never know if you just might be talking to your next employer! Tap into your online social networks and make sure you have an online portfolio that you can link to your profile. Flatpyramid.com is a great venue for 3d modelers to buy and sell 3d models and have a profile link which can easily be shared.

Consider Internships – Working as an intern is a great way to get your foot in the door, especially if you are new to 3d modeling. Also, internships may lead to a more permanent position with the company.

If you are looking for stock 3d models or need custom 3d models or renders, take a look at Flat Pyramid’s custom 3d modeling and rendering by experienced artists that can deliver high quality 3D custom work at affordable rates.

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Here is a highlight of some of the tools that can also help you request 3D content.

1) 3D Model Request Tool – create your custom content faster by requesting for it using Flat Pyramid’s 3D request tool. Simply log in or register to fill and submit a form. All Flat Pyramid’s member artists worldwide will get your request and respond quickly with 3D content that meets your needs. They can also post replies to your request under the Forums section.

2) Photo By Req™ Tool – This tool enables you request for photos to create 3D models of anything anywhere in the world.

For example, you want to create a 3D model of the London Bridge located in the U.K but need more detailed images of the bridge structure. Using Flat Pyramid’s Photo by Req™ tool, you can request photos of the London Bridge at specific angles, times of the day, resolution, and price. Members of Flat Pyramid including artist in the U.K. will get your request and post photos of the London Bridge that meets your needs.

3) Gift Certificates – You can purchase Gift Certificates for colleagues or corporate partners by login into your account under the Customer Administration page. Click on buy a gift certificate to place your order now.